Dark Days for the Production of Rizzolie & Isles following the Death of Lee Thompson Young

The producers of the hit TV series Rizzoli &Isles are still evaluating the situation and is still putting a halt to the production of the show following the demise of one of its actors, Lee Thompson Young. The body of the young actor was discovered in his apartment in North Hollywood after his co-stars reported to the authorities of his failure to come to work Monday morning.

The production of the series has been stopped for the time being to give the casts and staffs the cope up with the death of Young, and to give the writers to figure out how they will draw out their character from the hit drama. The executive producer of Rizzoli & Isles, Janet Tamaro released a joint statement for TNT and Warner Bros. regarding the death of Lee. In the statement, she extended their condolence to the friends and family of Young, most especially to his mother.  She also included in the statement how devastated the casts and staffs are from the loss of a Rizzoli & Isles family, how Young will be remembered by his positive energy and soulful grace behind and in front of the camera.

Lee Thompson Young, 29, died from suicide. This was confirmed by Young’s longtime manager, Jonathan Baruch. According to Baruch, Young was a brilliant actor and he was a wonderful soul that will surely be missed.

Lee Thompson Young played a role of Barry Frost, a detective in the series Rizzoli & Isles. Before Rizzoli & Isles, Lee has played lead roles in various movies. His death has caused a major shock to all the costs he played along with.