Rizzo and Isles stars on fashion

Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, stars of TNT’s crime drama Rizzo and Isles share more than just screen time as mystery solving partners – they share fashion tips as well.

Alexander, who arrives at the interview feeling under the weather, is offered coffee by her co-star to help her energize. Alexander politely declines, saying she fears she might end up with diabetes which is inherent in their family. The duo goes on in the interview, sharing jokes, finishing each other’s sentences, and openly gives fashion tips to each other – showing how close they have become since the show premiered in 2010.

One instance they shared, was when Harmon called Alexander out in the middle of a scene to comment on her footwear at the moment, Birkenstocks. Harmon jokingly asks Alexander to take them off and until then she cannot shoot any scene with her.

Harmon recalls breaking out of character the moment she saw the sandals, and cringes at the mention of the word “Birkenstocks.” Another day on set, Harmon mentions she arrived wearing fur-lined Birkenstocks and showed them off to Alexander, saying that if Alexander was to wear those sandals again, “they need to look like these.”

Harmon did that just to make Alexander laugh. She says the fur-lined sandals were not cheap, but she wanted to pull off the joke anyway. Alexander just responds with an eye roll and laughs it off.

Just as close as Rizzo and Isles are on the show, it appears that the actresses have taken that friendship off screen as well.