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Today’s television viewing is filled with countless shows that deal with all sorts of genres. From reality TV shows to Science Fiction inspired TV series’, the choices can seemingly become too overwhelming and confusing. Due to this, some of these shows tend to be overlooked, underrated and eventually cancelled. Poor ratings essentially occur when the TV show is not able to sustain the attention and interest of its viewers. On the other hand, there are several TV shows that that still captures the attention of the masses. Most of these shows cater to the Crime Drama genre. One of these successful detective tv shows is Rizzoli and Isles.

What’s It About?

Rizzoli and Isles is a Crime Drama Television series that is shown in the TNT channel. This riveting series was based from the novel, The Surgeon, by famous writer and retired Physician Tess Gerritsen. The story revolves around a police detective named Jane Rizzoli and a medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles as they solve their way through various crime cases in Boston. Angie Harmon plays Jane Rizzoli while Sasha Alexander portrays Dr. Maura Isles. This TV series is shown as one hour episodes that premiered its pilot episode on July 12, 2010.

To better understand the main plot of Rizzoli and Isles, it is essential to get a little background on its back story. As earlier stated, this Crime Drama series was inspired by the novel of Tess Gerritsen entitled The Surgeon. The back story begins when a female Boston detective named Jane Rizzoli was in hot pursuit of Charles Hoyt, a serial killer. Charles Hoyt was kicked out of medical school when he was caught fondling a corpse. He has since then evolved and turned to torturing and murdering women through sadistic and systematic means. At one point, he captures Detective Jane Rizzoli and pins her to the ground with the use of medical scalpels. Before he is able to kill her, Rizzoli’s partner, Vince Korsak played by actor Bruce McGill, shoots Charles Hoyt and ultimately saves her. Due to this incident, Rizzoli feels that she will no longer be trusted by her partner, after seeing her in a very vulnerable situation. Understanding and gaining knowledge on the back story is essential to fully understand this Crime Drama TV Series.

Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of Rizzoli and Isles is mainly based from the novel of Terry Gerritsen entitled “See One. Do One. Teach One”. In this episode, Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles investigate a serial killer with the same killing patterns of the imprisoned serial killer, Charles Hoyt. This copy cat, a necrophilia fanatic, was found out to be a soldier named John Stark, portrayed by actor Brendan McCarthy. He had initially met Hoyt in medical school. Being a soldier, he had all his identification details erased due to Black Operations. During this time, he had copied Hoyt’s style in murdering people and went on a killing spree. In this episode, Hoyt makes a prison break and eventually finds his ‘apprentice’. Later on, the home of Detective Jane Rizzoli is broken into and was deliberately misinformed that her neighbors were murdered. As she follows to search for the bodies at the back of a van, she sees Charles Hoyt instead and eventually made unconscious. Upon awakening, she escapes being murdered by disarming them of their weapons. She then impales the eye of Hoyt and kills his apprentice. Before Hoyt could make another attempt on her life, she shoots him through his hands, giving him the same wounds he gave her. During the course of this TV Series, it is also determined that Maura Isles is actually the daughter of a notorious and infamous criminal, Patrick Doyle, played by John Doman.

 Rizzoli and Isles Cast

There are seven main characters in one the best detective tv shows in the United States. Jane Rizzoli, played by actress Angie Harmon, works in the Boston Police Department as a Detective. She comes from an Italian American background and is considered as an independent woman with exuding confidence and at times become prickly and brash in her mannerisms. Jane Rizzoli is the eldest among her siblings and is highly competitive with her younger brother named Frankie, a cop. She has earned her way to become well respected in her field and almost never lets her guard down, except for her colleague and best friend, Maura Isles.

Dr. Maura Isles, played by Sasha Alexander, is the Chief Medical examiner in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the closest friend of Detective Jane Rizzoli. She is considered to be highly intelligent and is able to recite various facts, some of which are not even related to the case. Maura Isles is a calm individual and does not easily get distracted or intimidated. Being a medical examiner, she enjoys examining and investigating dead bodies with the occasional diagnosis of living people. She was adopted by a wealthy family and dresses well, no matter what the occasion. She is known in the field as the ‘Queen of the Dead” due to her line of work. Maura Isles is a bit awkward, especially towards men since she tends to become overly honest, to the point of revealing their medical conditions. She is, however, very much comfortable around her best friend, Jane Rizzoli. During the series, Maura Isles discovers that her real father is none other than the Irish Crime Boss, Paddy Doyle while investigating her half-brother’s death.

There are other characters in this detective TV Drama that complete its interesting story line. Angela Rizzoli, Jane’s overbearing, protective and dominating mother played by Lorraine Bracco. She works as a waitress in the Boston Police Cafe. Vince Korsak portrayed by actor Bruce McGill, is Jane Rizzoli’s former partner and friend. He is highly protective of his former partner and sees her as a daughter. Barry Frost, played by actor Lee Thompson Young, is the new partner of Jane and does not get along with Vince Korsak. He is highly intelligent in terms of computers and is scared silly when it comes to the sight of blood and dead bodies. He is also very loyal and trusting of his partner. Jordan Bridges plays the brother of Jane Rizzoli, Frankie Rizzoli Jr. He adores his older sister and is also a police officer in the Boston Police Department. Brian Goodman is the Lieutenant of the Homicide Squad’s Boston Department, Sean Cavanaugh. This lieutenant is highly trusting of his subordinates and is willing to bend the rules a bit for his team.

High Viewership

Rizzoli and Isles began its airing with high ratings with approximately 7.55 million viewers during the release of its pilot episode. Their premier had broken records and made a high ranking debut for a show of its genre and was considered to be the second highest rated show on basic cable television. Rizzoli and Isles was initially picked up by TNT with Ten episodes and was shot in the back lots of Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California. This riveting Crime Drama TV series was renewed for a second season on July 30, 2010 with 15 episodes. As of today, a third season with 15 episodes has been approved and will air this summer

Rizzoli and Isles is a Crime Drama TV Series that is highly entertaining, well, for those who find entertainment in dark and occasionally gruesome scenes. It deals with very dark and sometimes disturbing topics such as murder and various other sexual related crimes with the supporting body count that comes with it. More often than not, the plot of each episode seems like an exaggerated version of a true to life crime, however, since it’s a TV show first and foremost, it is necessary to make bits of exaggerations for high TV ratings. It is also refreshing to see that there are two women lead characters with strong personalities who get along well. Most detective tv shows have a male and female lead that has some sort of sexual tension which plays out on several occasions of the series. More often than not, these TV shows tend to eventually get too predictable and dragging. While some may still be in the running, others have died a natural death. With Rizzoli and Isles, it is good to see something else asides from that. In this TV series, the lead characters are best friends that are supportive and protective of each other. Admittedly, some of the episodes tend to be a bit silly, but as entertainment goes, it is good to have occasional silliness to get a break from all that drama.

All in all, Rizzoli and Isles is Crime Drama series that will hopefully last a bit longer than other Detective tv showsout there. In this manner, it could give other TV shows of the same genre a run for their money in terms of originality and depth. It is highly entertaining and gives women a source of inspiration due to the lead characters’ independent and unyielding strong personas.