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Set in the heart of Boston, Rizzoli and Isles is a story based on the characters of a bestselling crime-novel by Tess Gerritsen of the same title. The show revolves around the challenging everyday lives of the two major characters of the show Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles.

Jane Rizzoli is a tough and no nonsense Boston police detective from a close-knit family who was hunted by her past, a copycat serial killer she helped put behind bars several years back. She is a dedicated police officer who does her best to solve the crimes in Boston. Dr. Maura Isles on the other hand is a smart and fashionable chief medical examiner, forensic expert, and Jane Rizzoli’s best friend who serves as her unofficial partner in solving criminal cases. The two maintains an offbeat but strong working relationship in the story, with Jane Rizzoli’s unconventional way of thinking and Maura Isles scientific approach, making them a perfect partner in understanding the science of crime and murder.

This television show, which debuted July 12, 2010 in TNT with ten episodes, became very popular especially because of its effective casting. Originally slated for TNT’ development March of 2008, with a working title “Rizzoli” and pilot script written by Janet Tamaro, main casting announcement did not start until October of 2009.

First on the list was Angie Harmon for the role of Jane Rizzoli. A top choice for the character and according to Janet, she was the perfect embodiment of Jane Rizzoli, being warm and vulnerable underneath a façade of feisty, strong and funny character. Angie was born in Dallas Texas and has multiple credits to her name already. Having spent most of her life in front of the camera, she had enough experience to give justice to the role. She started modeling when she was still a baby and at 15 she succeeded in becoming Seventeen Magazines cover girl, having bested 63,000 other hopefuls in the contest. When she graduated from Highland Park High School, Angie travelled to New York and Los Angeles to study acting and landed roles in movies like The Good Mother but prior to Rizzoli and Isles, she was best known for her role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael in the Emmy awarded Law and Order series.

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To complete the power duo of Rizzoli and Isles, Sasha Alexander was casted after many auditions. Among the many actors who tried out for the role of Dr. Maura Isles, Sasha became the ultimate choice because of the chemistry that the two women had with each other. Her role as the geeky and goofy Maura Isles was the perfect half of the Odd couple that is proven to have gained the interest of millions of viewers worldwide. Acting is nothing new to this versatile actor. In fact, she has multiple credits to her name for both film and television. Film credits include Mission Impossible III and Love Happens aside from the many independent films she has starred. On television, she was a cast of Dawson’s Creek, The Nine, and guested on popular shows like Friends and House. Before Rizzoli and Isle, she was most popularly known in her role as Special Agent Kate Todd in the popular NCIS show. A graduate of USC’s prestigious School of Cinema and Television, Sasha Alexander had extensive acting influence in Cecily Barry and the Royal Shakespeare Company while studying in London.

Jane Rizzoli’s

overbearing Italian mother in the show, Angela Rizzoli is played by Lorraine Bracco who is best known for her role as a psychiatrists Dr. Jennifer Melfi in the multi awarded show on HBO Series, the Sopranos. A girl who has a knack for facing the odds was voted as the ugliest girl in 6th grade, went on to become a Paris Fashion Model. Born to an Italian-American father and an English mother, Lorraine worked formany odd jobs including working as a disc jockey before she started appearing in several French comedies and later worked with an Italian film director Lina Wertmuller. Credits to her name include several Emmy awards for her role in the Sopranos, Golden Globe Award, and nominations to the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Oscars. In addition to these, she also authored “On the Couch”, a best-selling memoir. Currently an active member of environmental organizations River Keeper as Board of Director member and is involved with Rockland Family Shelter.

Another character of the Rizzoli and Isles show is Detective Vince Korsak, ex partner of Jane Rizzoli and serves as her mentor who cares for her like a real daughter. Played by Bruce McGill, who has had a long time presence in the film industry, he gave this character life through his well-known stand out performance in any role. Seen recently in Law Abiding Citizens and Obsessed which starred Beyonce. To date, this man has had over 100 movies to his name, as well as numerous impressive television appearances. This acting genius from San Antonio started his acting career on stage giving him the edge to get the role of Detective Korsak for the Rizzoli and Isles show. Currently, he lives in the outskirts of Los Angeles with his wife, plays golf, and sails whenever he can.
Detective Barry Frost, Jane’s new partner in Rizzoli and Isles show is a genius when it comes to computers and anything related to modern technology. This geek though has a faint heart and is terrified of dead bodies and blood. A loyal an
d tough but does not get along with Jane Rizzoli’s ex partner, Detective Korsak. Lee Thompson Young, who played this character, was born in Columbia, South Carolina from a family of storytellers. He started on the family craft when he was 8 years old at local festivals and events telling stories and folk stories. After portraying M Luther King Jr. at the age

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of 10, he realized that he wanted to be a professional actor. He started acting at local theaters and moved to New York to audition professionally. He started out as a commercial model for several brands before landing a role in a Disney Channel Original series, The Famous Jett Jackson for 3 seasons. A graduate of USC’s Cinematic Arts Program, he continued to earn credits for his name like roles in Smallville, Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Scrubs, and The Hills Have Eyes 2. In 2008, he sealed his footmark in the industry with a 7-episode drama The Flash Forward that was critically acclaimed.

Jordan Bridges plays the role of Frankie Rizzoli Jr. for the show. From a family of entertainers, Jordan has appeared in many film and television productions like the Monalisa Smile, The New Suit, Bionic Woman, Without a Trace, and Conviction. A graduate of Bard College and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Jordan plays the role of Frankie to a T. Jane Rizzoli’s youngest brother who looks up to her but is also trying to avoid living in her shadows as he tries to make his own name in the Police force. A bit too protective of her just like how all the men in her life is to her.

The Rizzoli and Isles show has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide making it one of the most awaited shows every episode. Many say that its popularity can be attributed to the chemistry that the casts had for each other, especially that of Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles. The casting in this show was done perfectly that each character compliments the others making the Rizzoli and Isles show effective overall.