Spoilers for Episode 1 Season 4 of Rizzoli and Isles

Okay, so you can’t wait for the fourth season of Rizzoli and Isles to start, right? Well, here are some potential spoilers for the very first episode to sink your teeth into just in case you can’t hold back any longer.

The first episode is going to be called “We Are Family.” This information is taken from sides, or drafts of the scripts, that were posted for some of the scenes. It’s indicated that Jane, Maura and Angela will attend a parade, apparently the Bunker Hill Day parade which was tweeted in a picture by Angie Harmon herself. The episode will feature an ex-senator, Malcolm Humphrey, and his daughter that has taken his seat. Maura mentions that it’s nice Humphrey’s daughter followed in his footsteps, and Jane chimes in saying that if she and Maura had done the same, she would’ve ended up being a plumber and Maura a mob boss.

The parade is then turned into a crime scene once Humphrey’s daughter is shot dead while riding an open-top convertible.

Jane and Frost heat back to the office and they discover some hate mail in Humphrey’s daughter’s email inbox that indicates that her environmental advocacy may have gotten her killed. They go on and take a look at her calendar and find some puzzling entries.

That is the beginning of the plot to the first episode of Rizzoli and Isles. Tune in to the premiere of the hit TV show to find out what happens next, and who’s responsible for the death of Humphrey’s daughter.