Tess Gerritsen Releases Latest Rizzoli and Isles Novel: Last to Die

Fans of Rizzoli and Isles will be delighted to hear that author Tess Gerritsen has released a new book in the series entitled “Last to Die”.

Crime investigators and female super sleuths Rizzoli and Isles may have garnered quite a following on television, but the idea of their characters was originally born on the written page. Tess Gerritsen, author and creator of the Rizzoli and Isles, has released her eleventh novel in the series called “Last to Die”.

The book begins with Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles on thin ice. The two are civil, but they are forced to work together again when Rizzoli and Isles are asked to investigate a rather dubious fire in the Beacon Hill house. The victims are three kids along with their foster parents. However, a lone boy, the fourteen year old Teddy Clock. manages to make it out alive.

Rizzoli and Isles agree to take Teddy to Evensong, a sanctuary for children who have survived traumatic events in their lives. But as the story unfolds Rizzoli and Isles quickly discover that the children in Evensong, including young Teddy, are in grave danger.

Like her previous novels, Tess Gerritsen aims to thrill her readers with her captivating plot and a handful of hair-raising chapters. Though the television show has been criticized for taking some liberties with the character of Rizzoli and Isles, it does maintain the spirit of two, strong, female crime fighters.

As more and more viewers tune in to Rizzoli and Isles on television, it’s expected that the books will find their own loyal fan base as well. You can find a copy of “Last to Die” in any number of major bookstores.